1. Double Penitentiary - R & B-

    Girl I wanna get you pregnant, so pregnant; more pregnant than usual. 

  2. A picture of my band (Kite Runner) and my favorite band in the whole world, Alan Heart of the Lion, in Modesto.
    Also, some oil painting of a hispanic woman. 

  3. Yase.

  4. gojerrodgo:

    saosin - I’ve Become What I’ve Always Hated

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  5. josephhryann:

    Saosin - They Perched On Their Stilts, And Daring Me to Break Custom


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  6. Ted’s Approval - Burn and Rage

    Santa Cruz Melodic Hardcore  


  7. Ted’s Approval - Samantha

    Santa Cruz Melodic Hardcore



  8. vvtvrmom:

    Saosin - “They Perch on Their Stilts, Pointing and Daring Me to Break Custom”

    I hope you don’t see a thing.
    I said, smile through everyone you see.

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  9. circleagainstsquare:

    3rd Measurement In C | Saosin



  10. xdeusx:

    Barracuda Capital of the World | Versus the Mirror